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public writing
(and interviews)

Below are some of my public-facing writings and interviews on social justice and Abolition. These build on my background in Africana Studies, Marxism, and Philosophy, as well as my political practice within various political formations and community groups.


My collaborative work has been published in public outlets such as The Brooklyn Rail, Jacobin, Abolition Journal, Commune Magazine,  In These Times  and Verso.


Below you can also find some interviews I conducted as a co-producer of Rustbelt Abolition Radio (RAR). 

*The inscription on the mural reads "The algebra of revolutionary education is dialectics." I snapped this photo in Zapatista territory.

Organizers Christopher Rogers, Alejo Stark, and Jake Nussbaum discuss campus organizing and imagining a future in which strong communities render policing obsolete.

Alejo Stark and "a Maria" speak with longtime abolitionists, thinkers, writers, and militants Amanda Alexander (Detroit Justice Center), Kim Wilson (Beyond Prisons) and

Ruthie Wilson Gilmore about abolitionist struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Alejo Stark

Abolition Journal


Alejo Stark speaks with Saidiya Hartman about her book Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments: Intimate Histories of Social Upheaval. 

By Alejo Stark

Razón y Revolución


By Dan NemserAlejo Stark, and Duncan Tarr

The Brooklyn Rail  

Jackson State Prison c 1920

In this episode of the Millennials Are Killing Capitalism podcast we take a high level view of the Zapatista movement, 25 years after the uprising of 1994. Alejo shares the theoretical and practical contributions of Zapatismo, and discusses his time in Chiapas at The Zapatistas and ConCiencias for Humanity encounter.

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